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Thursday, August 18, 2011

End of summer creations

It's been a while since I've posted here but the baking continues!  I have not been super busy, but have made cupcakes for a wedding celebration, a couple of birthdays, and  a volleyball championship party.  I even went back to the days of old-fashioned bartering and traded cupcakes for flowers.  I then turned my cupcakes into flowers!  Well, so to speak.  In between, I have just gotten that cupcake mania urge to make cupcakes for friends to share.  Here are some photos of my most recent cupcakes since I last posted:

Barbara's Birthday Blossoms - Frangelica -infused cupcake, filled with nutella cream, and frosted with Kahlua butter cream.  Topped with chocolate swirls, chocolate espresso bean, and birthday posy!
Happy Birthday Cathy!  Took a sugar-free mix and a sugar-free frosting (I typically do NOT use canned frosting,) but she had just had tummy surgery and was not allowed sugar of any kind.  Nothing says I can't try to make 'em pretty anyway!  Have to admit, they tasted pretty good!

Happy Birthday Mike!  Chocolate cupcake, filled with cherry cream cheese and frosted with vanilla butter cream.  Topped with chocolate shavings and a maraschino cherry!

A send-off to an army guy off to Germany!  Vanilla cupcake frosted with "UGA" red butter cream.  Topped with a white chocolate bulldog and black sprinkles.

For same army friend:  chocolate espresso cupcake, filled with espresso flavored marshmallow cream and frosted with chocolate espresso butter cream.  Topped with chocolate swirls and chocolate espresso beans.
Above cupcakes joined by "bam-bam" shooters!  Amaretto cupcake, glazed with Irish cream, and frosted with a Malibu rum butter cream.  Topped with almond slice, coconut, and edible glitter.

Just because - good friend Jimmy, who drives me to and from school every day gets 2 of his favorites.  Peanut butter cupcake frosted with peanut butter whipped butter cream.  Topped with "home-made" chocolate fish, boats, and fishing poles.

Double Birthday celebration!  Chocolate peanut butter cupcakes, filled with chocolate peanut butter ganache, and frosted with peanut butter whipped butter cream.  Sprinkled with chopped peanut butter cups and a gumball (private joke).  Second cupcakes are also chocolate, but are frosted with a caramel bourbon frosting.  Topped with "home-made" chocolate birthday hats and coordinating edible glitter.

A special cupcake for a special gal.  An Austrian pastry, Linzer torte, turned into a cocktail, turned into a cupcake!  Amaretto and fresh citrus cupcake, frosted with a chambord butter cream.  Topped with a fresh raspberry and mint leaf.

Volleyball all-stars!  Red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.  Topped with chocolate stars and blue glitter, or "dressed" like a volleyball.

Flower garden cupcakes!  Pistachio cupcakes, filled with pistachio pudding, and frosted with pistachio whipped cream frosting.  Topped with frosting flowers.

Wedding cupcake finery.  A mix of vanilla, creme-de-menthe and "bam-bam shooters"!

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