Welcome to Kimi's Cupcake Creations

I love creating new cupcake flavors - from the very basic to the very creative! I especially enjoy creating favorite cocktail flavors! Follow along as I share my creative cupcake stories and photos!

Cupcake photos

Lemon cupcake filled with lemon goodness.  Topped with fresh blueberry frosting.

Caramel drizzled cupcake topped with Bailey's whipped topping.

Red Velvet cupcake topped with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate cupcake topped with champagne-infused cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate cupcake filled with khalua cream cheese and topped with Bailey's-infused chocolate frosting.

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream.  Topped with fresh strawberries.

A twofer!  Vanilla and chocolate cupcakes topped with vanilla butter cream.  Sprinkled with birthday girl's favorite yellow!