Welcome to Kimi's Cupcake Creations

I love creating new cupcake flavors - from the very basic to the very creative! I especially enjoy creating favorite cocktail flavors! Follow along as I share my creative cupcake stories and photos!

Cupcake flavors

Choose from any of the fabulous flavors listed below!  I am always trying new ones too, so check back!  All cupcakes are frosted and decorated to individual specifications.  I make all my own frosting - butter cream, cream cheese, fresh whipped cream, or sour cream.  Frosting can be flavored, and tinted to match customer wishes. I usually try to keep garnishes and decorations flavorful and elegant to compliment the theme of the cupcake and the occasion.

Basic flavors
Red Velvet
Peanut butter

 Cocktail flavors
Creme de menthe
Grand marnier
Pina Colada
Stout and Bailey's
Caramel Bailey's
White Russian

Special combinations

Lemon cupcake filled with a lemon meringue and frosted with fresh blueberry butter cream. 

Chocolate Stout cupcake with bailey's butter cream

Chocolate cupcake filled with khalua cream cheese and frosted with chocolate/bailey's butter cream

Orange zested chocolate cupcake filled with dark chocolate/grand marnier ganache and frosted with grand marnier and orange butter cream

Vanilla cupcake infused with creme de menthe, topped with chocolate ganache, and frosted with creme de menthe whipped frosting.

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