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Monday, July 11, 2011

Cupcake photo update

Summer time means a bit of a slow-down for new cupcake orders, but at least it's given me a chance to get a little bit caught up on some much needed house and yard work. Of course, some grass in my back yard would be nice but with large shade trees and four dogs who run around, that will be quite the challenge. And I would love to have a magic wand to do SOMEthing with my garage, but that's another day or two or three...  My most recent cupcakes went to a very special young lady - my niece, Maddie - who had some unfortunate medical issues at the end of the family vacay.  She is better now, but I just had to have some red velvet chocolate cupcakes waiting for her upon her return home.  They were very sparkly - sprinkled with pink and purple edible glitter along with the chocolate shavings.  She LOVES chocolate!  She and I also have a date to go see the new Winnie the Pooh movie!  I LOVE Tigger!

I do believe today will be a "trial and error" kind of day - as I attempt to make the special "shooter" cupcake for the upcoming wedding party.  I will do my best to create a "bam-bam" cupcake to honor the new bride and groom and their friends. I have never heard of these ingredients together, but I will attempt to create a cupcake deliciousness with amaretto, Malibu rum, and Bailey's.  However, before I retire to the kitchen to start my "creation", I do have some photos of other cupcakes from recent weeks.  So thought I would share some of them here:
Margarita in a cupcake!  Basic vanilla cupcakes filled with margarita/rum flavored vanilla pudding.  Frosted with margarita flavored butter cream and garnished with fresh lime slice and green edible glitter.

Cupcakes for future Mississippi State student!  Lemon filled lemon cupcake frosted with fresh blueberry butter cream and garnished with white chocolate bulldog and fresh blueberry.  The Mississippi State colors (maroon and white) are vanilla cupcakes frosted with butter cream and garnished again with white chocolate bulldog.

Mojito cupcake.  Vanilla cupcake glazed with mojito mix and rum.  Frosted with mojto butter cream and garnished with fresh lime slice and mint.

A week-night creation - made with some "left-over" goodies.  Neapolitan goodness! Vanilla cupcake frosted with chocolate and strawberry butter creams - just like the ice cream!  Topped with maraschino cherry.  Alex and friends loved it!

Something a little different - a root beer float in a cupcake!  Vanilla cupcake with root beer soda substituted for the water.  Glazed with root beer liqueur and frosted with root beer liqueur butter cream.  Topped with maraschino cherry. A definite summer treat!

Happy Birthday Baby!  A combination of pink (blue) lemonade and angel food cupcakes.  Baby shower centered around a train theme, so the cupcakes went into the shape of a train.

Happy Birthday America!  Vanilla cupcake frosted with a trio of red white and blue butter cream.  Sprinkled with white edible glitter.

So, off to the kitchen to see how my Bam-bam creations turn out!  I will post results!

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