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Thursday, June 9, 2011

It's a flip-flop kind of day!

One of my favorite sayings, "Dear Lord, let this be a flip-flop day" is hanging on my hall wall - to be seen every day when I walk down my stairs.  I picked it up on my recent trip to Tybee Island with best friend, Janie, her daughter, Megan, and my daughter, Erica.  A lovely Christmas gift from Erica it was - we all went on Spring Break and had a FABULOUS time!  So, now in my world, a "flip-flop" day is the best day I can have!  And today's been a "so-so" kind of flip-flop day - mostly inspired by these cupcakes.  I've been busy getting my "bakers corner" cleaned and set up.  Thanks to my buddy, Cathy, whose neighbors left a perfectly wonderful bakers rack at her house when they moved (vowing to come and get it - 8 months ago), I have now "adopted" a good size bakers rack with perfect storage shelves.  It has now come in very handy to store my cupcake boxes, display trays, and "pretties" that I always use for decoration in my boxes.  I scrubbed it all clean and it is now loaded with my cupcake paraphernalia. 

I also finished off my pina colada cupcakes for a Norcross teacher friend who is getting ready for a girl's weekend at the lake.  And, here they are! (The 3 with the umbrellas are "naked" on the inside per Lori's request for one of her friends.)
Basic vanilla (no brown sugar this time), filled with a pina colada, pineapple rum and pudding filling, and frosted with pina colada and pineapple rum butter cream.  I added just a 1/4 cup of shortening hoping to help "solidify" the frosting since I added all that liquid, but unfortunately, it's still pretty soft.  I garnished with fresh pineapple triangles and maraschino cherries. Hope they like 'em!

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